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Brett Dashwood is an international Professional Speaker and experienced MC

Brett-Dashwood_smiling_right.jpgWith nearly three decades in the customer communications, printing and electronic document systems industries, I have amassed an enviable array of knowledge and experience across many verticals.

Recognised as a global expert in the preparation, production and delivery of customer communications, I am a well educated and confident professional who has worked with companies on 5 continents.  I have helped them strategically and technically to architect and implement innovative and brilliant customer communications solutions that produce, manage, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, while achieving amazing results.

I use the knowledge and experience gleaned from these decades to speak on a variety of topics, including data and relevancy across the greater customer experience strategy, the document production workflow, the document systems lifecycle, postal standards and logistics, plus a whole lot more. I am the founding Director of The Document Institute, where we work with companies that need, create, manage, or deliver high-volume personalised customer communication to do so more productively, efficiently, and effectively.

From an early age my life has been filled with performance; singing, acting, commentating, narrating, spruiking, and being an MC. I completed voiceover training at the National Theatre, and have participated in and hosted stage performances, concerts, weddings, major outdoor events, and more - many in front of 100's, some in front of 1000's.

I am an invited speaker around the world and have MC'd events across multiple states and territories in Australia.  I am a Director on the board of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) with a focus on Strategic Alliances, was Convention Co-Chair in 2016, and have continued my involvement with the Professional Speakers Australia Convention through managing Sponsorships and Partnerships.

If you're looking for a speaker or a new voice for your business or event, or are after assistance from a professional to help your event run smoothly and professionally, I'd love to hear from you.


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Some of my Keynote and Workshop topics

100_2617-good-cropped.jpgRefer to The Document Institute Educating and Consulting sections for more.

  • Mail's Not Dead, It's Just Not Alone Anymore: In this digitally disrupted world, mail is still a vital part of an overall customer experience strategy

    Mail used to rule the roost.  As email, the web, and mobile technologies have advanced, physical mail often get's neglected, however in many vertical industries, print & mail is still the medium of choice by consumers for receiving their essential mail.  This will probably change over time - and what is printed and mailed will need to change too - however rather than letting it remain part of the status quo, the costs associated with creating this integral customer communication dictates that mail must remain a vital part of your overall customer experience strategy.
  • It's All About Relevancy: Personalisation is good, but is it enough to truly communicate with your customer 1 on 1?

    Whether you communicate with your customers to educate, sell, or ask for money, in this presentation Dashwood will help you uncover the value hidden within your organisation to create and deliver exceptional customer communications that achieve amazing results.
  • Enterprise Awareness of the Document Production Workflow: If you don’t know what you don’t know, it could be costing you $1000’s or much more!

    Understanding the different functions of high-volume personalised document production is key to ensure that you are making the right decisions for your company’s bottom line. Your suppliers will agree to do the work because you agree to pay them for it, but is it the more productive or efficient way forward for anyone. In this session you will get an overview understanding of the 13 Critical Function across the Document Production Workflow, so that you can better appreciate the impact they have for everyone involved.
  • Is your PDF the right PDF?: Print Ready vs. Production Ready, the difference can cost or save you many $1000’s!

    Many Enterprise Software solutions with acronyms like ERP, BI, and CRM, now allow users to produce personalised PDF files. But is that the best way for you to pass the information to your print and mail house, or are you creating more work for them, that costs you not only more money, but more time.
  • Taking the Printed Document Beyond the Page: A look at technology to interact with your document

    If you don’t understand AR, QR, pURLS, and other technology that allows you to interact with your printed document, come to this session as Dashwood prepares you to get more relevant information and value from your document than you ever thought possible.
  • Utilising Postal Standards For Your Benefit: Are you doing everything you can to save your company $1000’s?

    If you don’t understand how the geographic location of your audience and the impact of postal sorting and discounting can impact the single largest cost involved in producing your bills and statements, you need to be in this session.
  • What Are All Those Marks On My Bill? Steganography and other printed intelligence

    Today’s bills, statements, and invoices, arrive containing so much more than just what we used, what we owe, and when it needs to be paid by.  This session will help those involved in creating and managing documents to understand all about the data driven content you can’t read and why it’s there, such as OMR, OCR, MICR, barcodes, micro-codes, and more.
  • Customised and Personalised Publishing: Having what you want, how and when you want it

    Going beyond just on-demand publishing, how about turning 7 publications into one, containing only the parts you need, or maybe you need local papers from around the world in a single, highly relevant and personalised way. This session will expand your thinking about what is possible, and what is practical thanks to the latest in digital printing and publishing technology.
  • Colourfully Transactional: Increasing the value of your transaction documents is more about what you can’t see

    For decades, graphic designers were told “No” when they wanted to get their brilliant design work into variable documents and other customised and personalised printed pieces. Today’s high-volume transaction documents such as bills, statements, and invoices contain a lot of information, however there’s so much more behind the document.  Whether black and white, highlight, or full colour, the true value is in more than just the colour used they are printed with.