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Document Owners

Document Owners are businesses that either currently create documents they need for their own purposes themselves, or outsource this process to a single or multiple service providers or vendors. They need documents created for their own business.

If this is you, are you doing it in the most efficient or effective way?

Often the status quo is seen as adequate when creating regular customer communications.  Maybe there is some education component added here, some marketing added there, but is the document truly relevant and valuable to your customer?

Are there things you know about your customer that you aren't using to customise and personalise what is typically the main piece of communication you have with your customer?

Are your documents in-line with your overall customer experience strategy?

Are you struggling with integrating information about your customers from disparate CRM, ERP, EDMS, or other data or production systems?

Do you have too much data and don't know what you can use or where to start?

If any of these questions resonate with you, the Document Institute can help.  We can act as a bridge between your departments - whether that's Marketing and Procurement, Finance and IT, or wherever you find a disconnect (or simply a head ache) - when it comes to the documents used to communicate with your customers.

Whether we end up selecting one-off or ongoing standard or custom education sessions, selective or strategic consulting, or allowing us to work with you to help transform your existing documents, contact the Document Institute.