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Who We Serve

Through Educating and Consulting, the Document Institute works with businesses along every step of the medium to high volume personalised customer communication management (CCM) lifecycle.

Document Generators and other owners of documents and mail

Whether print & mail or electronic, these are the businesses who currently create or need to create medium to high volume personalised customer communication documents.  Due to economies of scale, these businesses typically look to outsource their document generation to service providers.

Service Providers including printers, mail houses, and service bureaux

These are the businesses that actually produce the documents for the document generators

Vendors, both hardware and software

These are the businesses that provide the hardware and software to enable the documents to be created and produced by the document generator or the service provider, which are then ultimately delivered by postal and other delivery facilitors.

Postal Organisations and other facilitators of document delivery

Whether physically printed mail or an electronic document provided on the web or via another electronic delivery medium such as email, these are the businesses that deliver the documents to the final recipients.