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Strategic Consulting

Right hand man to the visionary CEO or other Senior Executive/Manager. This is typically focused around strategic business projects & planning for major business changes around customer communication and document production

Have you ever wanted a clone machine, because you know that if you had another version of you or your senior staff you would be able to get "everything" done.  Visionary CEO's or others in the C-suite often don't have the luxury of being able to take a senior staff member from their day-to-day to concentrate on - typically time consuming and expert - strategic business projects.

Whether at a strategic business level, or more operational, let us help you by extending and expanding yours and your staff's skillset and expertise around the specialty area of high-volume customer communication.

The Document Institute's Strategic Consulting service allows our select industry expert consultants to act as a "right hand man" to this Senior Executive (or to the business) to assist in planning, managing, engaging, and launching strategic business projects based around data-driven documents and personalised customer communication.

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