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CCM Performance Audit

If you need, create, manage, or deliver high-volume personalised customer communication, you must understand the waste across your business and the awareness levels of your staff and other stakeholders across the Document Production Workflow

Are you wasting significant time and money from a lack of awareness of what you don't know you don't know?

Production of transaction documents – whether for print & mail or digital delivery – involves data management, graphic arts, presentation stream fidelity, corporate records, printing devices, inserting systems, special manual intervention, adherence to postal requirements ...and a whole lot more!

This is likely the most complex of all enterprise systems to implement and manage.

Is this an area of waste in your business?

Businesses often don't have an appreciation for the level of awareness of their staff when they embark on new corporate strategies or projects. We see many businesses making strategic changes to the process and workflow of creating their customer communication without fully understanding or being aware of all the intricacies of the specialist areas across the Document Production Workflow.

Our Performance Audits are designed to uncover the awareness within your organisation. The Document Institute help you to better understand waste across your business. We investigate, analyse, and report back, making recommendations regarding the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the processes, people, plant, and equipment involved in creating, managing, and delivering high-volume personalised customer communication in your business.

Many end-user document owner businesses are looking to take customer communication processes in-house. They are looking to manage and control their own IP, as well as be more productive and efficient, while more effectively communicating with their customers.

Performance Audit Process

We work with appropriate staff and other stakeholders within your business to understand their responsibilities across the Preparation, Processing, Production, and Delivery of their documents.

We then delve deeper into their individual awareness of processes and technologies, looking at the
13 Critical Functions of the Document Production Workflowwhile understanding the way things have or haven't been implemented or planned to be implemented within your business.

Output and Report

This information is analysed and the results are then delivered back and presented in a detailed report, complete with recommendations.

The report includes:

  • Easily identifiable traffic light indicators for level of awareness
  • Highlight of strengths
  • Recommendations around opportunities for improvement
  • Recommendations for strategic projects and any general or specific products and services

The report is accompanied by an overview presentation to senior staff.

If you would like to discuss how we can help reduce waste in your business, please contact us today.