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Whether your need is Consumer (B2C) or Business (B2B) data, we can source, sort, and prepare data to meet your specific targeted campaign requirements, helping you deliver the right message, to the right people, right now!

Data Sourcing

  • Do you know the types of companies and industry you want to hit with your next direct marketing campaign, but don't know how to get to the right decision maker?
  • Do you have a tired customer or prospect database where you keep getting returned mail or bounced emails?

Whether you are looking to do a print & mail campaign, an e-marketing campaign, a telemarketing campaign, an SMS campaign, or a combination, we can source the data that will let you deliver the right message, to the right people, right now!

We specialise in decision maker data for personalised business-to-business communication and work with a number of national, regional, and global data banks and other sources that allow us to work on a data solution that meets your specific needs.

Most data is no more than 6 to 12 months old, and on a number of sources we offer a deliverability guarantee*, where when offered we will refund your data purchase for any records that you are unable to deliver to or contact.

Data can typically be arranged on a single or multi-use rental or a flat out purchase, and after a discussion about your specific campaign requirements, we will help you determine the:

  • Industry
  • Sub-industry
  • Location/geography

We will then work with you to determine the title and role of the best person to target, allowing you to personalise your message to the right decision maker within the company, increasing your reach, relevance and response.

Data Sorting & Preparation Requirements

You may have the data that you need, but what if the original database was setup with a different need in mind?

Maybe certain fields were combined and now you need them separated - this often happens with a single field for the full name instead of separate title, first name, surname.  It is also common for address lines to be created with suburb, state, and post code all together in a single field. This may work well for printing labels, but no good when you need to address a letter to "Dear John", do postal sorting for postal discounting, or even test on locale for customising an offer or branch details, etc.

Maybe you have databases from multiple sources that need to be combined into a single database, deduplicated, and sorted.  Or maybe you are required to perform a postal or other complicated sorting requirement to ensure that the data remains effective for its intended use?  

Whatever the data sorting or preparation requirements, we can get it sorted for you.

Beyond the Data

Once we have defined the data and decided a direction and method for your campaign, we can work with you to achieve the best value possible from this campaign.  If you are spending the time, effort, and money on reaching the right people at the right businesses, there is no point sending something generic to them that means nothing to them personally.
  • If you feel that physical mail or email/web are the best method of contact for these prospects, then we can help with all facets of preparation, processing, production, and delivery of your message using your chosen medium.
  • Alternatively, if you feel that telephone is the best method of contact, we can help by connecting you with the right team to maximise your telemarketing campaign.  Overseas options are available, however our Australian options include dedicated call centres in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

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