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Some recent testimonials for Brett Dashwood's Professional Speaking and MC work

You were my awesome MC! You kept everyone engaged, you introduced me like a star, and thanks so much for being my support person, behind the scenes throughout the whole process. I look forward to having you MC for me again in the future.

Natasa Denman
Ultimate 48 Hour Author

I could not have wished for a more brilliant MC. Brett has a really warm, charismatic personality and has the ability to really connect with and engage the audience.

Kathryn Orford
Professional Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Author of Best Selling Book, “Become your #1 Fan” featured in the Hollywood movie “Butterfly Caught”

...thank you for your magnificent 'performance' as MC of AvServe's Community Christmas Carols...
What is exemplary is the way in which you conducted yourself – not just throughout the night but in the weeks leading up to it. Brett, you supported (and) also provided referrals to people who made the event possible. You educated us so we can be better prepared next time - priceless! We were also very impressed by your unassuming yet dedicated and professional attitude.
...the night itself? Wow!! Brett, it could not have happened without you. You clearly communicated AvServe’s Vision at every given opportunity. You kept the program on track, ran around to gather and cue up the performers and kept the crowd entertained. When things went wrong – which they did often – you brought a sense of calm, finding solutions and maintaining that unmistakeable dashing - or should I say Dashwood - smile! are a Master of Ceremonies.

Vanessa Lister
CEO, AvServe 
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Brett Dashwood is a natural MC. His ability to read the mood of a room, keep delegates engaged, pump up the VIP's, think on his feet and adapt to an ever-changing conference run-sheet, are what made Brett a pleasure to work with. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him for your meeting or conference.

Trav Bell - The Bucket List Guy
Futurist, Author, Speaker

Thanks Brett. Three words to describe you as an MC – passionate, articulate and engaging...I think you got this down pat!

Sam Cawthorn
Author / Speaker / Philanthropist, Young Australian of the Year, Founder of CaringForPeople

You were great mate, loved the Danger Mouse piece. You obviously put time and care into the prep. Keep it up.

Peter Cook
Partner, Thought Leaders Global

The MC role is tough. One of the briefs is that you must energise the room. With Brett, I’ve watched this young man grab a passion and totally immerse himself in the role of being an MC.  I’ve had the opportunity to be introduced by Brett on a number of occasions and I’ve got to say that if you’d like someone to energise your room, keep it together, bring all the speakers on at the right time and right place, then he would be outstanding!  He makes it an occasion, yet grabs respect.  I love his sense of mischief and humour, but what underpins his work, is his research and his care of people, yet above all else, his delivery and "being there", staying in the moment and owning it.  Brett, congratulations, I know you’re going to do outstanding things on your journey. In my terminology, he creates "great art" from the stage.

Max Walker AM CSP (1948-2016)
Legendary Australian Sportsman, Author, Speaker, Educator, and Media Commentator

Every Event can benefit from a talented Ruck Rover - a team player who can play a variety of positions with depth and zest to help the event success.  Brett Dashwood lives up to his name: a dashing player who can provide Keynotes, Workshops, Emcee and Voice Over plus help create the winning team.  I have had the joy of working with Brett and utilising his talent as The Voice for a major national Convention. This involved scripting and presenting Introductions and Learning Pieces from the back of the room (Voice Over) and presenting - and singing! - from on stage. All done magically, beautifully, professionally and uniquely.

Glenn Capelli BA Dip Ed MACE CSP
Keynote Speaker of the Year & Educator of the Year
Sir Winston Churchill Fellow

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Brett Dashwood and found him to be professional, easy to listen to, and as enjoyable off the stage as on. As we say back home, "you done good!"

Lou Heckler, CSP, CPAE
Global Speaking & Media Legend and Hall of Fame Speaker

Brett is the ideal MC - he is thorough, professional and entertaining. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Michael McQueen, CSP
A Leading Authority on Navigating Change

Brett Dashwood – MC extraordinaire! He came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Pivotal in the success of our gala dinner.

Belinda Adams
Director, OSCAR Hospitality

You have a strong presence in front of a crowd and can really “own” the audience. Great job – I look forward to seeing you in action more often.

Warwick Merry, CSP
The Get More Guy

I really like your presence emceeing. You have a natural humour and a really warm tone in your linking of the sessions that hits the right note.

Bill Jennings, CSP
Founder, Time & Space

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You have the local and global experience and IP I was looking for to expand our team’s knowledge. Because it’s not AMP’s core business, your expertise in the complete end-to-end document production workflow, significantly helped our team that is embedded within this complex specialist area. After completing only the initial 2 days, we saw better, more specific, and more confident communication between internal and external stakeholders, in areas such as colour and mailing, that previously would have been pushed to multiple meetings or been otherwise delayed.

Michael Bottrill
Head of Customer Communications | Operations

Brett, I loved the presentation, it was professional and to the point. Exactly what we were looking for. Your ability to apply your broad knowledge to any industry, along with your quick and committed turn around with great follow up, enabled an easy transition from our 1st discussion to initial inception. You researched and engaged all parties to gain a holistic picture of our project and you offered solutions outside the norm of my business, including the ability to gather 3rd parties to adopt logical options, again bringing a different thought process to the final outcome.

Craig Fyall
Dealer Principal
Dandenong Nissan, Dandenong Kia

Brett Dashwood has great knowledge and insight from real industry experience in document management and production. He helped us find numerous opportunities that added further value to our existing partners. This led to savings for our partners, as well as a stronger relationship and brand presence for us. The additional expertise truly added value to all stakeholders.

Rodney Frost
Group General Manager
The Lamson Paragon Group of Companies

Brett Dashwood is a masterful MC with a unique blend of skills that mean your conference or meeting will run smoothly and effectively ensuring that delegates are relaxed, ready and in great spirits to enjoy the program. Calm, cool and confident in a crisis, Brett will ensure that, no matter what challenges may arise, your event will always be voted a huge success.

Winston Marsh, CSP
International Business Authority

It's rare to find an MC who puts as much work into preparing for a speaker as Brett did. He talked to me beforehand to understand how to prepare the audience for my presentation, read and tailored my introduction to suit the topic and audience, and was helpful in every way to make my presentation - and the entire event - a success. Highly recommended for MCing any event!

Gihan Perera
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Coach

Brett, you had a great energy and plenty of quick wit that really lifted and inspired those there on the night. You have a great ability to pick the mood of the room and adjust accordingly, which definitely helped raise the funds when you ran the auction. Well done.

Don Elgin
Founder and Manager
StarAmp Global