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Australasian Transaction Document Specialist Schools

The Document Institute is proud to offer and deliver the internationally accredited acadami Transaction Document Specialist School and other acadami courses in Australia and New Zealand.

The acadami Transaction Document Specialist School is designed to educate all professional staff within the industry. Anyone who has to communicate (verbally or in writing) with other functions, should receive their accreditation.

The biggest misconception that employers have is that the school and the EDA accreditation is just for programmers.  We talk to executives that initially don't see the need for the training; "we just need more composition programmers".  What they don't realise is that in most cases they have enough programmers. Often their problem is that their Pre-sales, Business Analysts, QA Planners, Project Managers, and Operations launch managers don't know enough about the environment to provide clear specifications, test routines, and production requirements. Their programmers spend most of their time clarifying specifications, challenging user requirements, and reworking flawed testing processes.

In a properly trained shop, programmers spend virtually all of their time programming because Project Managers, Business Analysts, and QA planners understand the process and issues. There are also many eager people with classic IT certifications that can easily adapt to our environment after completing the school. Many of our clients have curbed hiring of professional staff by ensuring that the people they hire are properly trained.

5 things you should ask...

  1. Is professional development around customer communication document production and document systems lifecycle important to your business?

  2. Are you interested in your staff producing better work-products faster by applying knowledge of the entire document workflow?

  3. Would you like better communication between internal & external teams across your document projects?

  4. Would having a greater understanding of their role in the processes and lifecycle of document production motivate your team?

  5. Would you or your staff like to be among the first in Australia & New Zealand to join nearly 300 acadami-trained internationally certified Electronic Document Associates (EDA), on the way to EDP, and then M-EDP?

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Overview of the training modules we deliver, as well as the internationally endorsed education courses & modules we offer


Eflyer on the acadami Transaction Document Specialist School offered by The Document Institute in Australia & New Zealand

“The only thing worse than developing your people and having them leave, is not developing them and having them stay”
               --- Wouter van Ee, eda (Director of Print Services, Lloyds Bank)
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Are your employees...

  • spending time on phone calls and in meetings they shouldn't need to have?
  • making mistakes and poor decisions?
  • unaware of industry best practices and risk pitfalls?
  • not ready for upcoming market trends?
  • hampered by limited industry vocabulary?
  • not motivated or ready to stay for the long haul?

Knowledge drives productivity

Our accredited education for transaction document professionals focuses on core technologies and practices.

We empower your staff to achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and quality; mitigating risk and improving morale.

Upcoming acadami Advanced Courses will include the Transaction Document Professional School, with students working toward their Xplor International Electronic Document Professional (EDP) certification.

acadami education is certified by Xplor International and leads to certification in the Electronic Document Professional program.

Xplor Education Partner

Successful completion of the three assessed courses that make up the acadami Transaction Document Specialist School qualifies participants that have been in the industry for 2+ years to apply for their Electronic Document Associate (EDA) certification from Xplor International, the global document systems industry association.

Please contact the Document Institute to make bookings or if you would like further information.

Brett, I approached The Document Institute because you have the local and global experience and IP I was looking for to expand our team’s knowledge. Your internationally recognised training was what we needed to meet our specialist needs. Because it’s not AMP’s core business, your expertise in the complete end-to-end document production workflow, significantly helped our team that is embedded within this complex specialist area. After completing only the initial 2 days, we saw better, more specific, and more confident communication between internal and external stakeholders, in areas such as colour and mailing, that previously would have been pushed to multiple meetings or been otherwise delayed.

Because The Document Institute has saved us heaps of time since completing your initial training, we are now determining the next teams and individuals that should get exposure to understanding this complex workflow. I whole heartedly recommend The Document Institute to increase productivity and efficiency when creating your personalised customer communication.

Michael Bottrill
Head of Customer Communications | Operations