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Acadami wins Xplorer of the Year

Posted by BrettDashwood on April 4, 2014

Our partner Acadami are thrilled to receive the Xplorer of the Year Award. The award came as a complete shock because the award has never been given out to a company before; always to individual members to recognise volunteer service.

Acadami received the award for developing the Transaction Document Specialist School™, the internationally accredited education program delivered by The Document Institute in Australia and New Zealand.  The program has led to almost 300 graduates receiving their Electronic Document Associate (EDA) level within the Xplor EDP® program.

Acadami were also cited for their active support in the development of Xplor’s Guide to the Electronic Document Body of Knowledge™ or "EDBOK".  The Transaction Document Specialist School was used as the basis for the content of the EDBOK. The was managed by Neil Merchant m-edp, and seven Acadami instructors from around the world were section authors; William Broddy m-edp, Wendy MacMillan m-edp, Neil Merchant m-edp, William McCalpin m-edp,  Rebecca Rodgers m-edp, Kevin Lantaff edp, and Brett Dashwood edp.

Symcor Inc. and Lloyds Banking Group were also recognised at Xploration 14 with the Xplor President’s Award. These two companies both sponsored Acadami pilot programs, running customised versions of the Transaction Document Specialist School, each having more than 100 graduates to date who received their EDA

This is the first time that two separate awards (Xplorer and President’s) were given out for aspects of the same program.

Congratulations to Bill and everyone else involved in creating and delivering Acadami course content around the world.