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Are you ready for the changing landscape of customer communication?

Posted by BrettDashwood on September 18, 2014


The customer communication landscape is changing rapidly.

More customer touch points, changing delivery methodologies, rising cost pressures, and technological opportunities are all having their effect.  In response, more and more document owners – you or your customers – are bringing the document composition process in house and either producing themselves or pushing print ready documents to a service provider.

Document Owners

Whether print or electronic, your personalised customer communication is the most effective way you communicate with your customers.  This is a very specialised area that your business needs to own.  Are your staff ready?

Service Providers

To be successful you need to be speaking the same language as your customers.  At many points in the lifecycle of their documents you will need to cooperate to ensure a trouble-free implementation.

Do your staff have the training and skills to be effective in this role?

Ensuring your customer facing teams have an understanding of all facets of the supply chain, leads to a a balanced team that can solution solve quickly and drive outcomes for the client while being able to educate them.

If your customers sometimes fail to adequately communicate their needs, perhaps you should talk to them about our education options – attending a course with customers is a great way to ensure a trouble free business relationship.

For Service Providers, the focus should be on your key customer facing sales and business development staff, as well as those in development and production, for Document Owners, the focus should be on your Business Analysts, Solutions Architects, and all others involved in the process.

Regardless of your position, your staff need to understand all aspects of:

  • document production workflow – from data to delivery
  • document systems lifecycle – from inception to decommission
  • document production best practices

Often we find that even document systems experts have expertise siloed around one or two particular areas, however may have little or no knowledge about some others.

The Document Institute offers a variety of education and consulting options and has facilitated workshops and training courses for a wide range of customers, including AMP, NIB, Australia Post, HP, and more.

If you feel you have a narrowly focused or more general requirement, we offer solutions tailored to your needs, from individual single subject courses through to our internationally accredited and assessed Transaction Document Specialist School (TDSS).

We have three TDSS with places still available scheduled for this year – Melbourne, Auckland, and Sydney – and are currently scheduling for 2015.  More information is available on the courses and school or by downloading a PDF file of the course schedule for the remainder of 2014 here.

If you would like to discuss this or any other education or consulting requirements you may have, please enquire about a booking or get in contact with us to arrange a no obligation discussion about your business, your staff, your customers, and your needs.

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