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Future Print Apprenticeship Summit

Posted by BrettDashwood on August 29, 2014

The first Future Print Apprenticeship Summit will be held in Sydney on September 16.  The purpose of the summit is to share the findings of the project so far and gain important information that will help shape the program of activities over the next 9 months.

Why_you_should_get_involved_FUTURE_PRINT_page1.PNGFuture Print is an initiative of the Printing Industries Association of Australia and the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU).   It is the industry's strategy to develop the skills and capabilities of businesses in the print and related communications, creative and information sectors to respond effectively to meet economic, demographic and technological change.  Businesses across the sector, large and small, are facing numerous challenges which impact on their business and workforce capacity.

Last year I was asked to participate as a member of the Future Print industry expert panel.   The panel consists of a small number of specialists, each with decades of experience in different facets of industry expertise, many heavily involved in education and training.

Future Print aims to:

  • Assist businesses manage change and reform
  • Support innovation
  • Underpin productivity improvements
  • Deliver the skilled workers necessary to enable transition.

Represented at the summit in September will be stakeholders including business owners, supervisors and apprentice mentors, representatives from RTOs, Future Print Advisors, other key representatives from both Printing Industries and the AMWU, as well as some of the more than 150 apprentices who have already begun their training under this new model.

Over the day we will be discussing a wide range of issues, from views on this importance of training and its role in helping build successful businesses in a dynamic and challenging industry, to the structure and delivery of the Future Print project and the experience of businesses and trainees who are involved in the project.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, input, or suggestions on how the project could be improved or expanded, please add them below.

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